Key Staff

Joe Sokolic – Sokolic Property Group

Joe Sokolic is the founder of Sokolic Property Group. Joe has a background in Internet Advertising and commercial real estate. Joe has a passion for reinventing the way we live on the planet, and these two industries go hand in hand in that vision, along with the Solar Power company in the stable. Joe’s experience extends to start up operations, general company set up and sales. He has an innate ability to see a circumstance and try improve it and brings this to the Sokolic stable.

Andrew Sokolic – Sokolic Solar

Andrew has a background in IT networking with a slant towards Legal IT systems. When Andrew sold his IT company in 2008, he took on the new challenge of building an off the grid community from scratch, in the Klein Karoo region. This has proven to be the perfect testbed for Sokolic Solar to test and expand on the concept of living off the grid, providing ones own power, food and water solutions. Andrew is a problem solver, which lends itself well to the new problem faced by most of us, rising electricity costs and general cost of life. His experience as an off the grid pioneer is invaluable when it comes to advising on and carrying out off the grid solutions.